A reprise of our well-received Pop-Up Museum, organized with the Old Kennett Committee

August 26, 2018

The display was on the grounds of Old Kennett Friends Meeting, a historic early-1700s Quaker meetinghouse in Kennett Square.


An event held in collaboration with Historic Kennett Square’s Juneteenth Celebration

June 16, 2018


Sunday March 4, 2018

KURC board members met with many interested visitors during an afternoon of fellowship and friendly exchange.
We are excited to host similar events in the future.


Saturday, February 4, 2017  2-4pm

In honor of Black History Month, the Kennett Underground Railroad Center presented a free tour in the historic town of Kennett Square, often referred to as “A Hotbed of Abolitionism.” Guides led visitors through the borough to see the houses and hear the stories of Kennett Square Quakers and African Americans who coexisted peacefully before and after the Civil War.

KURC Symposium on May 21, 2016 at Lincoln University

The symposium dealt with African American Communities in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Neighboring Regions during the Era of Conflict and Resistance, 1800-1865, and Beyond. In the decades before and after the Civil War, the southern portions of Chester County and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, were home to the significant number of African Americans, including both free and self-emancipated. Directly adjacent to the slave states of Delaware and Maryland, this region included the African American communities of Hinsonville (now Lincoln University), the Christiana area, Timbuckto, and others.

These symposiums are an opportunity to bring together researchers and writers to discuss and share research findings, research questions and puzzles, research methods and their effectiveness, and, potentially, to build collaborations.  Stay tuned for details about the Spring 2017 Symposium.